At glance, just some of the ways AZKIS Cosmopolitan offer the best combination of experience and service are:

• A passion to serve our customers
• Group of professionals under one roof
• Extraordinary relations with our customers
• 40 years of experience
• Personalized focused service
• Service flexibility
• Major Project handling capability

AZKIS Cosmopolitan was Established in 1973 & registered in 1975, and over the past four decades has established itself in to a diversified marketing and engineering support organization, synonymous with cutting edge technology and trading. After initial success, AZKIS Cosmopolitan diversified in to other fields and operations. AZKIS Cosmopolitan was registered with the Ministry of Defense (MOD) in 1975 and has been serving MOD and their allied establishments with an impeccable record.

We are contributing our share in the development of our country; though humble it may be, and are providing a base to foreign investors to promote their products in Pakistan.AZKIS Cosmopolitan is managed by a team of 15 devoted personnel.

AZKIS Cosmopolitan is well versed with business procedures and modalities which has yielded excellent relations with many foreign companies and a very satisfied clientele. At AZKIS Cosmopolitan, we believe in long term mutually beneficial relations based on honesty and customer confidence. We have an endearing belief and conviction about our professional approach. At the end of the day, all the capability in the world does not amount to anything if the customer isn’t getting their desired services. At AZKIS Cosmopolitan, we have committed the same resources, time and energy to customer services as we have to our technical knowledge. That means providing round the clock services, throughout the year.