What We Are

Maymar Materials,is an engineering firm registered with Pakistan Engineering Council as a Construction Firm, Maymar Materials specializes in Civil, Environmental and Public Health Engineering as well as in Alternative and Renewable Energy Technologies. We construct buildings on Zero Energy, Carbon Neutral Concept. The buildings constructed by Maymar Materials are highly Energy Efficient and utilize Alternative Energy Technologies for Air Conditioning and other Energy requirements.

Tthere is no better proof of commitment to service than a project which demonstrates the integrity of builder. What we do for living is not especially unique, what we believe is unique. Maymar has repeatedly acquired a brand image as a quality conscious and reliable premium developers. Doctrine is based on practical knowledge in proper use on solid foundation. We have services of highly qualified team of engineers, architects and skilled construction workers of high repute to execute projects skillfully and responsibly with artisanship. Maymar Materials never rests on its laurel and continuously strive to enhance its repo for accumulated technologies, abundant experience, and quality conscious Client service. We can fully meet particular wish of clients in full range of work from construction to development, investment, involving, survey, planning, feasibilities, study, design and ultimate construction. We utilise cutting edge Alternative Energy and Environmental technologies in our projects.

To provide maximum value to our valued clients, we recruit and nurture human resources to install in them the sense of bold activities under advance technologies. Growing through ordeals to grow into a more solid and substantial and creative challenge towards a better future.

What Makes Us Best



Our mission is to deliver promises with strong adherence to ethical business practice, to build long term relationship by providing exceptional services through innovation & advanced technologies and to ensure longevity of our company through repeat and referral business achieved by client satisfaction in all areas, timeless attention to detail and service rendered attitude.


Our pledge is to establish lasting relationship with our clients by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional value added services by every member of our team. We provide value added construction services to our clients by creating successful partnership with them throughout the construction process.


Our well through vision motivates us to reach upto client expectations for ensuring their delight at all time to be known for our authenticity, hard work and largely excellent quality work. Think big and make dream a reality.


Our expertise civil and environmental engineering-intensive in the fields of infrastructure development, aviation, roads, high-rise buildings, hospitals and dams and all other construction projects. We specialise in construction of Zero Energy Buildings and Houses. These buildings and houses are highly energy efficient and produce their own energy and hot water by utilising Alternative Energy technologies. In order to do this, we are consistently studying and applying sustainable and best available engineering solutions of technology, machinery and improved human resources skills.


Maymar Materials is a quality-conscious company engaged in fabrication, manufacturing and construction works, possessing comprehensive awareness about quality and its various manifestations.

The management of the company is committed to provide highest quality engineering services to its valued clients by continuously adopting improvement measures in all relevant areas of operation.

Principal Objectives

  • Ensure that quality is everybody’s direct responsibility;
  • Apply best effort every time for timely completion of job without compromising on quality;
  • Improvement in know-how through practical experience and training of the employees;
  • Carrying out our operations in a safe and healthy environment,
  • Fulfil commitments made with every Client.


  1. Civil, Environmental, Alternative Energy projects implementation and Zero Energy Buildings, Houses construction
  2. Sourcing and arranging the construction materials.
  3. Providing best possible expertise to valued clients gamut of construction industries.
  4. Construction Buildingd And Homes Based On Zero Energy
  5. Large roster of construction workforce.
  6. We have dedicated ourselves to establish quality control laboratory.
  7. Developing, maintaining and operating the infrastructure of construction activities.