Everything You can imagine
in DEFENCE SECTOR is at your door step.

  1. Heavy Machinery Parts.
  2. Aviation Parts
  3. Vehicle Driving Simulators/Tank Simulators/Aviation Simulators/Civil Armed Forces Training Systems
  4. Fire Fighting Equipment
  5. Waste To Every Energy Converting Plants
  6. Air Craft Refuelers
  7. Alternate Energies
  8. Hospital Equipment
  9. Mobile Hospitals
  10. APU(Auxiliary Power Unit) for Tanks.
  11. Construction in both Civil & Government Establishments

Aircraft Refueler

Firefighting Vehicles/Equipments

Workshop Machinery/Equipment

CBRN/NBC, Decontamination Products

Runway Rubber Removal

Gamow Bags

Vehicle Driving Simulators (Car, Jeep, Bus, Truck, Motorcycle)

Medical Products/Hospital Beds

Night Vision Devices

Earthmoving Construction Machinery

Military Hardware / Systems

Small Arms, Rifles, Sniper Guns Training Simulators for Training on Weapons & Anti-Terrorism, Civil Armed Forces Training System

Water Purification Plants

Ground Support Equipment

Solar Panel

Chemicals / Lubricants

Ferrous, Non-ferrous Metals and Their Products

Electronic Appliances / Testing Equipment

Aviation Related Parts

Ergonomics Material

Mechanical Works with Relevant Tools

Decontamination system

Refueler and all types of tanks defumming system & Surface Cleaning Machines