Tech Solutions Has all the expertise that is required by a company which is in the field of supply of imported and locally manufactured products and providing after sale services to have satisfied customers. Enjoys excellent support of well-established foreign as well as local manufacturers and services providers to cater for the needs of its customers. Actively searches for the new partners, local as well as foreign, to enhance the mutual business fields and expertise. Is enlisted as a registered supplier to our Ministry of Defence for supply of various specialized military application products / equipment. Takes pride in the fact that it maintains a professional competent team of highly qualified and skilled workers willing to give their best of the best to the jobs assigned to them with honesty, consistency, quality and reliability.

  1. Sourcing and arranging the Ammo.
  2. Medium Recovery Vehicle .
  3. Ground Surveillance Radar .
  4. Smart Ammunition for Artillery gun 155/52 .
  5. Ante-2500
  6. Prime Mover (Tank Transporter)
  7. RD-93 Engine for JF-17
  8. Helicopters .
  9. First Aid Medication .
  10. Navy Frigat .
  11. All Kinds Of Guns/Ammunations .
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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Floor Mobi Plaza, Haider Road Saddar,