AZKIS Cosmopolitan was registered with the
Ministry of Defense (MOD) in 1975, and has been serving MOD and their allied establishments with an impeccable record.

At glance, just some of the ways AZKIS Cosmopolitan offer the best combination of experience and service are:

• A passion to serve our customers
• Group of professionals under one roof
• Extraordinary relations with our customers
• 4 decades of experience
• Personalized focused service
• Service flexibility
• Major Project handling capability

Message From Director Business Development

Establishing close relationships with our clients is a key element to reaching total solutions. We cultivate each client relationship from the initial concept to completion, often maintaining this contact years after a project is finished. We believe successful consulting is achieved through a balance of significant experience, a working knowledge of today's best practices, and access to cutting edge technology. We offer expertise that goes beyond "state of the practice" to include innovative solutions using techniques usually found in both Defence & Civil Sector.
CEO Message